Pollution of Tap Water is Not Over Yet: Not Even Erin Brockovich Could Put an End to All of Them!

Pollution and poisoned water supplies have long been a problem for the residents of California.

This problem was swept under the rug until the movie Erin Brockovich (starring Julia Roberts) made heads turn.

This movie exposed the illegally twisted problems of how the Electric Company and Public Gas poisoned the entire town. They used various toxic chemicals in their drinking water.

Even so, the real Erin Brockovich stated that many more drinking water supplies might be toxic as well with all the political posturing, illegal industrial practices, and greed.

According to research by the EWG, the chemical chromium-6 used in the movie is actually still there. On top of that, it is a chemical present in the tap water of more than 218 million Americans. With 60,000 samples taken across the US.

Brockovich stated that more than 70% of the water we get it’s from streams, lakes, reservoirs, creeks and other small water surfaces. In other words, if you affect one river it will pollute the entire water system and result in a chemical reaction.

How Are These Products Created?

The infrastructures of the pipes that transport the water are constantly deteriorating. So, the corrupt politicians only concentrate on money and do not invest in expensive filters and better pipes.

Therefore, the companies pour one toxic chemical after another and create a byproduct that can cause cancer.

Even the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Labor state that chromium-6 has 80 parts per billion chance to increase miscarriages.

This carcinogen chemical is even considered as a serious threat by the CDC.

In addition, agencies pay to cover up everything they can about the concerning public welfare.

We all know that this chemical is common in nature, but it is not supposed to be in the water, especially not together with chlorine and other chemicals.

While the National Toxicology Program experimented with chromium-6 on mice, they determined it caused cancer.

So, California suggested for the creation of a new statewide legal limit, a usage of 0.06 ppb of chromium-6 in drinking water.

But, that didn’t stop companies. On the contrary, some of them used more chromium-6 than what was allowed.

Moreover, there is no municipality that must test their water for chemicals. So, the US Environmental Protection Agency raised the standard for the use of chromium to 100ppb, with no limit for chromium 6.

According to the studies from Columbia University, these are the reports for the highest levels of chromium-6 found in tap water.

Reports of Highest Levels of Chromium-6

  • Norman, OK: 12.9 ppb
  • Honolulu, HA: 2.00 ppb
  • Riverside, CA: 1.69 ppb
  • Madison, WI: 1.58 ppb
  • San Jose, CA: 1.34 ppb

These are the shocking results of the highest levels of chromium-6 used in the tap water. This tap water is in the homes of more than 26 million people. Plus, more than 218 million Americans drink this contaminated water.

Even though Hinkley, California successfully won the lawsuit of $333 million against Electric and Pacific Gas for polluting their tap water; there is no one who will answer for polluting the water for more than thirty US cities.

Source: The Mind Unleashed | EPA