Reasons Why Dryer Sheets Are Dangerous and What to Replace Them With

If you use dryer sheets while you wash your clothes daily, then you should read this.

Even if you consider dryer sheets as a harmless part of an everyday process that helps you make your laundry smell divine, it is time for you to change that routine right now! They are not as healthy as we thought.

On the contrary, the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health proved with their study in May 2000 that these dryer sheets are actually toxic. They experimented on mice and proved that the mice who inhaled the substance had some staggering changes to their health.

Moreover, according to the toxicological reports, the substance affected their respiratory system. Plus, this could explain why some people complained they were affected by fabric softeners.

In addition, researcher claim that the dryer sheets have the ability to release a specific amount of toxic elements based on what room they are in.

Why do Dryer Sheets Have Toxins?

Manufacturers don’t have to present a list of ingredients to the US government. Therefore, they can use any artificial fragrances that they like in their products.

According to a researcher Anne Steinemann Ph.D., the dryer sheets can emit 25 VOC’s along with 7 dangerous air pollutions. The amount of the chemicals they contain is frightening. Also, they have acetaldehyde and benzene, known as really dangerous chemicals.

If you are constantly exposed to such level of chemicals, you can face health problems such as with your respiratory system, runny nose, skin irritation, asthma attacks and increased severity and frequency. On top of that, even when we see flowers on the commercials and labels, they are fake.

The truth is, dryer sheets do not even contain any kind of plants, not even lavender or rose. What they do contain is a chemical that is man-man and toxic. If you still want to make your clothes smell nice, why not try doing it with natural ingredients?

Natural Homemade Dryer Sheets (DIY)

You will need a wool yarn, old pantyhose, and a favorite essential oil.

1. Start by wrapping the wool yarn around two fingers about 10-12 times.

2. When you have completed the first step, try wrapping the wool around your middle finger about 4-5 times so that it would resemble a coil.

3. Keep wrapping until you create a ball. The ball should resemble a tennis ball. Make 3 or 4 wool balls.

4. Cut a leg from a pantyhose and place the ball where the foot is. Tie them and put the next ball. Keep doing the same with all the wool balls. It will resemble a sausage.

5. Use it with your laundry and completely dry it afterward.

6. Remove the pantyhose. Now they are ready.

7. Use the balls instead of dryer sheets and add some essential oils that you like to the balls, whether it is lavender, peppermint or any other.

Not only are they not toxic, but they can help you save some money along the way.

Other Ideas To Replace Dryer Sheets

If you have greasy laundry, use essential oil. Only a few drops of oil are enough. Also, to add a nice smell to the clothes, use some drops of essential oil on a wet towel and put in in the dryer together with your laundry.

However, if you have some dirt on the clothes that won’t go away, use white vinegar to clean it off and soften the material, ½ cup is enough. Besides, after your clothes are dry, the smell of vinegar will go away.

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